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Jayne Kennedy

(198?)as the rumor goes... when Leon Isaac and Jayne got divorced he dumped this "home video" into the underground; the quality is not great - in fact we'd call it 'poor' (mostly due to inferior video cameras at the time) - but if you've been dying to seen Ms Kennedy in the nude then here it is.

Carly Rae Jepsen

Look at this amazing slut! She behaves badly at home sucking that enormous cock. Of course you know this naughty chick. This is horny and popular Rae Jepsen and I feel you will treat her in a different way after having seen this extremely hot blowjob video! Rae holds the big cock of her boyfriend and puts it into her mouth and it looks amazingly perfect! She is so nice and sexy so this sextape will make you excited and thrilled. Rae poses in the small room and plays with the man’s ‘thing’ and as you realize she feels comfortable!

Severina Vuckovic

In 2004 Vuckovic was involved in an internationally reported sex scandal after a personal sex tape featuring her and Bosnian Croat businessman Milan LuÄ?ić leaked on the internet. The highly sexual and graphic nature of the video, and the fact that LuÄ?ić was married when the tape was filmed shocked the Croatian and other former-Yugoslav nations among which she is widely popular and severely damaged her public image. VuÄ?ković promoted abstinence in many of her public appearances and was known as a devout Catholic. VuÄ?ković sued the website that released the tape for damages, claiming that the video was stolen from her and that it was her intellectual property.

Gulben Ergen

The story goes, Gulben Ergen claimed to be a victim of voyeurism and had no idea that the sex tape was being made by, who we come to find out, her ex-boyfriend. She had first stated that this sex video was made secretly between her and her ex, but when you watch the video you can hear the cameraman’s voice.About a minute or so into the video she takes off her exs boxers and begins to suck his dick with her tits fully shown. After a couple minutes of her giving him a blowjob Gulben Ergen lays back down on the bed having her panties pulled down as he begins to eat her pussy. Half way through the video the celebrity star is completely naked and the two of them are involved in some intense foreplay.